Transformations Through Mindset Coaching

Inspiring testimonials from real clients who have transformed their lives and businesses through our mindset coaching. See the remarkable changes they’ve achieved.

    ~ Tom T. Real Estate CEO

    You have changed the trajectory of my business, my family life, personal life and overall happiness. I mean, there's not too much more that I could ask for.

      ~ Wendy P. Founding Partner

      I went through a very deep exploration with Joni. Creating a trusting and safe atmosphere to openly share is challenging, but Joni makes it really easy.

        ~Ashish B. Director of Business Development

        Her mentorship helped me to let go. She gave me something completely out of left field that just blew my mind.

          ~ April S. Operations and Membership Associate

          I really appreciate her honesty, her trustworthiness, and also just the way she gives you her full attention.

            ~ Damon S. Clinical Psychologist

            You have always been that source of support and encouragement. And you've also helped me find my place in the dark.

              ~ Daniel C. Manager

              Joni is a huge part of why and how I went from being single to happily married.

                ~ Debra A. TV Anchor/Correspondent

                You gave me concrete steps and specific tools that helped me to take the next step and build my business.

                  ~ Dee Dee E. Business Owner

                  Your ability to help me navigate the intricacies of my business, without making me feel like I should have figured it all out already, has been instrumental.

                    ~ Ingrid G. Community School Coordinator

                    I enjoyed the mentoring. So I really appreciate that because I felt heard.

                      ~ Janelle K. Vice President Member Engagement and Development

                      I highly recommend hiring Joni if you’re looking to re-center and re-prioritize your life.

                        ~ Jenna S. Subject Matter Expert - Cyber

                        I feel this sort of sense of optimism and like I can do, anything right I can do anything as long as Joni is behind me

                          ~ Jojo D. EFT Practitioner

                          The relationship I have with Joni, it just, it feels comfortable. I feel like she really knows what she's talking about. She's so engaged, and so invested in your success.

                            ~ Josh S. Founder Edge Education

                            I appreciate your role as a mentor and a model for navigating challenges and internalizing coaching. Thank you for your guidance and support throughout this transformative journey.

                              ~ Kristen B. TV Host

                              You just bring so much joy to everybody's life and you make them really feel special and know that they're special.

                                ~ Lisa M. Reporter/TV Host

                                You helped me gain my confidence back, you helped me put what I what my heart and my passion was into perspective and how I could put that into a career as well.

                                  ~ Marcia C.

                                  Joni is a rock star. She definitely will help you break through and get to the root of the things that stopping you from fully walking in your purpose.

                                    ~ Monica O. Speaker, Author, and Host

                                    If anyone's considering working with you, I'd say, without a doubt, sign up. I can't thank you enough for providing direction.

                                      ~ Tatiana M. Benefits & Wellness Analyst

                                      My life looks totally different. And I know it's because you're in it.

                                        ~ Tracey M. Finance Manager

                                        Joni's very knowledgeable, and welcoming. She has a spirit about her that allows people to open up.

                                          ~ Joanne C. Business Owner, Government Contracting

                                          Joni helped me rebuild my lost connection with my family and I'm grateful for our deep friendship and her role as a supportive mentor.

                                          The Impact of Mindset Coaching

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