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You're meant to live in alignment with who you really are, and as an executive coach, my mission is to help you get there.

A Filipina American born and raised in San Diego with a passion for personal growth and leadership, my greatest desire is for people worldwide to be happy and connected. As an executive coach, I help people like you take bold actions towards their wildest dreams and live in alignment with their most authentic selves.

Leadership became my passion at an early age. At 9 years old, I took the initiative to organize family meetings, recognizing the importance of communication within our household. By 14, I was traveling across California, training high school students in leadership skills and producing leadership conferences. And at 21, I led my first executive-level retreat. These experiences have shaped my understanding of the profound impact a leader can have. Each step of my journey reinforces my commitment to raise the consciousness of the planet. Every single person counts.

In addition to embracing leadership at a young age, my heart has always been drawn to the art of dance. From my earliest years, I immersed myself in training across various styles including tap and hip hop. This passion for movement led me to co-found the dynamic hip-hop dance team, Capital Funk, during my studies at George Washington University. Beyond the stage, dancing remains a cherished part of my life as I groove alongside my two young daughters at home. Whether it be the discipline and precision of formal training or the sheer joy of spontaneous dance parties with my family, the rhythm and expression of dancing continue to enrich my life in big ways, complementing my journey in leadership.

All of a sudden, in my twenties, I found myself in our nation’s capital, leading multi-million-dollar organizational change management initiatives for two of the largest consulting firms in the world. To the outside world, it would have seemed I was living the dream job and family. But internally, I was a sleep-deprived zombie walking on eggshells in my own home. Overwhelmed, stressed out, never present. So I went on a soul-searching quest to find myself.

Thankfully, my personal growth journey led me to a place of fulfillment and peace. 

Now, I am dedicated to extending this transformation to others, guiding them toward a similar sense of fulfillment and alignment. I believe that everyone deserves to experience the richness and beauty of life, and I am committed to supporting others on their paths.

Along with bringing my extensive business background to my coaching style, I also come from a deeper spiritual place. I base my approach on the understanding that the human being is body, mind, and spirit. Having all work in harmony is how the unthinkable becomes normal, everyday life.

I see you.

I believe vulnerability and courage helps us become the people we desire to be. I also believe you have what it takes to be madly in love with your life and business. You can count on me to always see you as your future, empowered self. I invite you to get in touch with who you really are and live your wildest dreams. It’s your time. Right now.

I’m constantly creating free content to help you along your journey. Get started with my free webinar by registering below. Can’t wait for the journey ahead.

With all my love,

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