You are the CEO of your life

https://youtu.be/F6OdL341J-8 Navigating the CEO Role in Business and Life Unlocking a whole new level of success for your business and life is all about recognizing the remarkable role you play – the role of a CEO, not only in your business but also in your life. We often hear that you’re the captain of your […]

Hiring A Coach

https://youtu.be/RaUR6FdUPr0 Is hiring a coach worth it? Olympic athletes have coaches, and so do successful business leaders. We have “blind spots.” Like when we drive, there are things we can’t see. Coaches help us see those blind spots and therefore, achieve results faster. Is Coaching for Business Leaders Worth It? Let’s dive into a topic […]

The Need To Be Right

https://youtu.be/FggqHXytgZk Collaborating with Others (Without Letting Ego Get in the Way) I’ve got a transformative concept to share with you today, something that has the potential to elevate both your personal lives and your businesses. It’s a lesson I learned through my own experiences. You May Feel You Need to Be Right About Almost Everything […]

Protect Your Space

https://youtu.be/xL2GNZDerF0 Protect your personal space and what’s most important Do you need to prioritize? Burnout is real Your creative vs your analytical sides Your core focus Personal space = personal evolution I’ve got a transformative strategy to share with you today. In the whirlwind of the business world, it’s easy to lose sight of what […]