Would you LOVE to step into your most POWERFUL and AUTHENTIC future self? To finally live your greatest potential in all areas of your life…because that’s what’s meant for you?


Signing up for the VIP Coaching Program means you're finally prioritizing a life that inspires you. A few openings are available for those who are ready to break free and step into their authentic power.

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Hello, I'm Joni
Executive Mindset Coach

It's time to discover what you’re really made of.

On the outside, you’re successful and things are going pretty darn well. People look at you with admiration and wonder how you get so much done in such little time. You’ve hit your stride and everything seems to be going great. But you’re realizing that now is the time to address all parts of your life, so you can live the life you believe you’re truly capable of living.

Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled….including you. What would it be like if every area of your life was satisfying, peaceful, and stress-free? Every life area is interconnected. Health, finances, relationships, spirituality, creativity…they all go hand in hand. When one area isn’t going well, the other areas are impacted. Compartmentalizing can only go so far.

If you’re 100% committed to achieving breakthrough results you’ve never experienced before and transforming your life and business, then you’re in the right place. It’ll take hard work, but the rewards are priceless.

Here’s to the future version of you who is meant for unbounded success,

Four signs your 'future self' is calling you...

Your life and business are going through significant changes

You have a burning desire to transform into who you're meant to be

Other people can't relate to your huge goals and dreams

The Universe keeps showing you signs to pay attention to this

Looking at your reflection

Taking an honest look in the mirror is proving to be more and more challenging. Here's why.


Time is Ticking

Instead of bettering yourself towards the future you deserve, you're allowing people and circumstances to drag you down.


Feeling Lost

Deep down inside, you know it's the time to fully commit to yourself and your development, but you don't know where to go.


Untapped Potential

You're not living your true potential in life and work. You know there is so more out there for you than this.

when they don't seem to "get it"

People in your life can't relate to what you're going through. You're in two different worlds.


Your Goals Are On Another Level

Let's face it: Your life and business goals are "next level" and people can't relate to the direction you're going in.


The Journey Is a Lonely One

You've made it this far with hard work, focus, and determination. But you could use some company, like a confidant who "gets it."


You Want To Be Challenged

People are telling you what you want to hear, which doesn't challenge or push you .

a disappointing search

You haven't been able to find the right coach, delaying your goals and dreams as a result.


It's Time. And You Know It.

Finding an executive coach has been long overdue. You know that anyone who has ever been great at anything, had a coach.


You're Trying to Find 'A Fit'

You need someone who will push you to that next level, but finding 'the right coach who gets it' has been challenging.


It Hasn't Worked Out

You've explored coaching resources, including podcasts. But the transformation you desire requires an experienced executive coach.


VP of Human Resources - MGM Grand Hotel + Casino

You've explored coaching resources, including podcasts. But the transformation you desire requires an experienced executive coach.


Any of these sound familiar?

Avoiding Risk
Have you been playing it too safe and avoiding risks, leading to missed opportunities in life and work? Have you been compartmentilizing your feelings because you just don't want to deal with It?
Ignoring Personal Passions
Have you been neglecting personal passions, self care, and interests, resulting in lack of fulfillment and motivation? Are you missing that feeling of being free, alive, and fully self-expressed?
Not Setting Boundaries
Are you allowing people to drain your energy, leading to strained relationships and increased stress? Are you feeling resentful for how people treat you?
Inadequate Coaching
Are unqualified people giving you advice? Are you confiding in friends without getting the actual support you need?
Strained Communication
Are you using the same communication tactics, despite not getting anywhere? Do you feel like a broken record, constantly needing to repeat yourself?Does it feel like you're talking to a wall instead of a human being sometimes?
Not Focused
Are you allowing distractions to take over, and is that slowing down your progress? Are there certain people draining all your energy when you know you need to focus on your priorities instead?
Avoiding the Elephant in the Room
Are you avoiding "that thing" that has been causing most of your stress and anxiety? Are you just hoping it will go away, but it just keeps getting worse?
Are you putting in excessively long hours without proper rest, and are you burning out? Are you also dealing with emotional burnout at the same time, given strained relationships?
Have you been putting off "that thing" that you know you need to focus on? Are there certain decisions that would move your life and business forward, but you've been putting them off because you just don't want to face them?

It's Time To Live in Alignment

Living in alignment is the state where your thoughts, words, and actions resonate with your most authentic self. It’s a journey that leads to freedom, vitality, profound fulfillment, inner peace, and unwavering confidence. Envision a life filled with joy, effortless flow, and natural self-expression. It’s about feeling entirely at home with who you are. It’s a place where you have, be, and do as you please, without anyone or anything holding you back. Long gone are the days where you “have to” do anything. This is a state where you powerfully create and choose your life on your own terms. Because you said so. 



Tom is a founder and CEO who craved change and went after it with a vengeance. He transformed his life – health, relationships, business – and now he completely lives in alignment. His business made the most money its ever made during our coaching together, and this video shows all of the other results he got on top of that! Transforming your life isn’t a stroll in the park. Brace for challenges, because this journey serves them up. Tom embraced those challenging times, repeatedly. Here’s what happened as a result.

See What’s Possible For You

Meet Executive Mindset Coach, Joni Rae

A Filipina American born and raised in San Diego with a passion for personal growth and leadership, my greatest desire is for people worldwide to be happy and connected. As an executive coach, I help people like you take bold actions towards their wildest dreams and live in alignment with their most authentic selves.

Leadership became my passion at an early age. At 9 years old, I took the initiative to organize family meetings, recognizing the importance of communication within our household. By 14, I was traveling across California, training high school students in leadership skills and producing leadership conferences. And at 21, I led my first executive-level retreat. These experiences have shaped my understanding of the profound impact a leader can have. Each step of my journey reinforces my commitment to raise the consciousness of the planet. Every single person counts.

In addition to embracing leadership at a young age, my heart has always been drawn to the art of dance. From my earliest years, I immersed myself in training across various styles including tap and hip hop. This passion for movement led me to co-found the dynamic hip-hop dance team, Capital Funk, during my studies at George Washington University. Beyond the stage, dancing remains a cherished part of my life as I groove alongside my two young daughters at home. Whether it be the discipline and precision of formal training or the sheer joy of spontaneous dance parties with my family, the rhythm and expression of dancing continue to enrich my life in big ways, complementing my journey in leadership.

All of a sudden, in my twenties, I found myself in our nation’s capital, leading multi-million-dollar organizational change management initiatives for two of the largest consulting firms in the world. To the outside world, it would have seemed I was living the dream job and family. But internally, I was a sleep-deprived zombie walking on eggshells in my own home. Overwhelmed, stressed out, never present. So I went on a soul-searching quest to find myself.

Thankfully, my personal growth journey led me to a place of fulfillment and peace. 

Now, I am dedicated to extending this transformation to others, guiding them toward a similar sense of fulfillment and alignment. I believe that everyone deserves to experience the richness and beauty of life, and I am committed to supporting others on their paths.

Along with bringing my extensive business background to my coaching style, I also come from a deeper spiritual place. I base my approach on the understanding that the human being is body, mind, and spirit. Having all work in harmony is how the unthinkable becomes normal, everyday life

I went from being lost to getting unimaginable results.

I know what it’s like to be ready, but not having the right person there to guide me. It didn’t seem like I could find someone who was right for me and I started to lose hope. But finally finding and working with that right coach made all the difference. There was someone, besides myself, who was 100% focused on my goals and desires, and wanted me to succeed. I went from feeling stuck, lost, and confused, to having the tools to get results I only imagined before.

I used to be in a job that I despised, and I’d have to go home ‘walking on egg shells’ because it was like my husband and I lived on two different planets. We didn’t see eye to eye on anything. I felt like my life was for others, not for myself. I’m now in the marriage of my dreams (with the same husband), had a second child, started and maintain my dream business, and am truly “in my flow and living from a place of authenticity.” I’ve made more money than ever before and I’m living my true calling.

Your life and business transformation is waiting for you, too. All it takes is belief and investment in the future version of yourself.

Take The First Steps Towards Your Transformation

Embrace Your Choice

Make the conscious choice to live authentically, while prioritizing yourself.

Release and Surrender

Let go of what no longer serves you and create space for growth.

Create and Act

Take action from a place of inspiration, creativity, and joy.

    Wendy - Wealth Management Firm Owner

    Not only did I fall in love with my most authentic self, my business also reached its peak year. Grateful.

    About Mindset with Joni

    My methodology is based on four foundational pillars:


    Holistic Lens:

    Acknowledge the connections within us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically



    Be coachable, open, and curious about new perspectives and approaches



    Cultivate the interconnection between personal and professional life


    Vulnerability as a Gateway:

    Leverage vulnerability for access to authentic personal power


    Here's How I Roll

      Alex - Digital Executive

      Joni helped me see my “blind spots” and where I could be more effective in my communication. She coached me on what to say to both my team and leadership, which resulted in higher levels of productivity and consensus. I trust her insight and guidance which is “spot on.”

      General Question

      The Details: VIP Coaching Program










      I'll help you become that person you're meant to be.


      Hear what people are saying about their life transformations.

      What's Possible For You?

      This program *is a great fit* for you, if you:

      This is *not a great fit* for you, if you:

      Your Questions Answered

      Coaching is an engaging process between a coach and client that facilitates breakthrough results. Clients identify blind spots, areas they are unable to currently recognize and deal with, so they can achieve results that were not possible before. Coaching is a catalyst for new behavior to increase the quality of one’s life and business.

      We’ve seen many clients achieve their goals through coaching, which can possibly shift the trajectory of your life and business. Clients who are coachable and willing to put in the necessary work tend to achieve the greatest results.

      Coaching focuses on future goals and actionable strategies, whereas therapy often addresses past experiences and emotional healing. Coaching is goal-oriented and pragmatic.

      Everything you discuss with your coach will remain between you and your coach. We have a strict confidentiality policy in the workshop and bootcamp programs, which involve other people. We value our clients’ trust and keep it safe.

      Joni’s driving force stems from two decades of international corporate experience, where she has been a catalyst for senior leaders and organizations navigating monumental transformations. Joni believes individuals are spiritual beings, on a human journey. The universe provides endless resources to actualize our deepest desires. The unique synergy of my extensive business acumen and an unwavering belief in the infinite potential of our spiritual tools sets me apart.

      Joni’s coaching methodology delves into the intricate interplay between different facets of life, such as personal and professional realms, moments of breakthrough and challenges, and the balance between embracing innate potential and addressing resistance. This approach is deeply rooted in the holistic understanding of how these elements are interconnected and how they impact one’s personal and professional development. Her extensive experience as an executive coach and corporate trainer, combined with my profound insights into these relationships, enables me to guide my clients effectively.
      Joni’s coaching methodology empowers business owners and senior executives to achieve unparalleled success, attain breakthrough results, and tap into their boundless personal power.

      What You’ll Get

      An Experienced Executive Coach

      I’ve been coaching leaders in personal growth and have worked in business for 20 years. You’ll be in good hands.

      Proven Tools and Methodologies

      No need to sift through what works and what doesn’t; I’ve done that for you. I use these same tools in my life and business.

      The Opportunity to Practice

      Building new muscles takes practice. You’ll get homework in between sessions to transform your mindset and life.

      Accountability and Structure

      You’ll get the accountability and support you need to stay focused and on track towards your goals.

      Let's take the next step and see if we're a fit to work together.

        Lissa - Vice President of HR

        Joni helped me hone my leadership skills when challenges arose due to to the pandemic. She coached me on how to address my team, and most importantly, she kept me accountable to my own mental wellness. I recommend Joni for executives who could use a third-party confidant.

        I See You.

        I believe vulnerability and courage helps us become the people we desire to be. I also believe you have what it takes to be madly in love with your life and business. You can count on me to see you as your future, empowered self. I invite you to get in touch with who you really are and live your wildest dreams. It’s your time. Right now.