Elevate Your Leadership: Transform Your Life and Career in Just 8 Weeks

Your business and career will only grow as much as you do. This exclusive, transformative 8-week journey is designed to elevate your life and leadership to extraordinary new levels.

Begins the week of June 10th, 2024

What is Living in Alignment?

Imagine your thoughts, words, and actions resonating with your highest, most authentic self. You are alive, confident, and fulfilled in all areas of your life and business. You express yourself naturally with fun, flow, and ease, and you are at home with your true self. This state is not only possible—it’s within your reach.

The Bootcamp to Live in Alignment

This exclusive 8-week Bootcamp is your gateway to living in alignment, working intimately with a small group of like-minded leaders. No more waiting until “one day.” Start your transformational journey today.

Why Join "The Bootcamp to Live in Alignment"?


Life gets busy. Our bootcamp offers a safe, positive, and intimate environment to hold yourself accountable. You’ll not only learn these practices—you’ll live them.


Over 8 weeks, dive deep into practical, actionable steps. This isn’t theoretical; it’s about making real, lasting change.


Join a community of business leaders and parents facing similar challenges. Together, we uplift, inspire, and support each other.


Unearth the leader within. Gain the actionable guidance needed to evolve and excel.

Hosted By Joni Rae

With 20 years of experience coaching executives and senior leadership teams, Joni’s background is rooted in leadership development and culture change. She has coached leaders worldwide on how to achieve alignment and lead with intention and integrity.

After working for two of the largest management consulting firms in the world, Joni followed on her passion for coaching and founded the personal development brand, Mindset with Joni. She now coaches leaders to move from chaos to clarity in the US and worldwide.

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Bootcamp Topics

Here’s what we’ll explore together:

Embrace Your Choice

Live authentically, prioritizing yourself.

Release and Surrender

Let go of what no longer serves you to create space for growth.

Create and Surrender

Unleash your creative potential and watch the magic unfold.

Go Ahead and Own It

Take control of your life and step into your power with confidence.

Do Complete Work

Dive deep into your inner world and unlock your full potential.

Choose Words Wisely

Harness the power of your words to shape your reality.

Dare to Dream

Dream big, set audacious goals, and transform them into reality.

Enlist Support

Surround yourself with a supportive, inspiring community.

Inspire Action

Lead with intention and inspire action in others.

Give Thanks

Cultivate gratitude and watch positivity flow into your life.

Don't Wait to Unlock Your Leadership Potential!

Your time is now. This isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a call to claim the life and leadership you deserve. Our 8-week bootcamp is designed exclusively for busy business owners and leaders who are parents, just like you.

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Why the $6000 Investment is Worth It

Investing in this bootcamp is an investment in yourself, your career, and your business. For $6000, you are not just paying for a course; you are investing in a comprehensive transformation. Consider the potential return on investment:

  • Career Growth: Enhance your leadership skills, making you more effective and opening doors to new opportunities.
  • Business Success: Implement strategies that increase your business’s efficiency and profitability.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Achieve a balanced, fulfilling life that harmonizes your personal and professional aspirations.

The cost is a fraction of the potential gains in your career and personal life. The insights, skills, and connections you will gain are invaluable and will continue to benefit you long after the bootcamp ends.

A one-time Payment




A one-time Payment




Take Action Now and Transform Your Leadership Potential

Your time is now. This isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a call to claim the life and leadership you deserve. Secure your spot in our 8-week bootcamp today and start your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Enroll Now and take the first step towards a transformative leadership experience. 

Your Questions Answered

The bootcamp spans over 8 weeks with weekly 90-minute sessions conducted via Zoom. Each cohort is kept small, with no more than 10 participants to ensure an intimate and interactive environment.

Joni Rae will personally lead each session throughout the 8-week bootcamp, guiding participants through the content derived from “The Guidebook to Live in Alignment.”

This program centers the ten guideposts in “The Guidebook to Live in Alignment” by Joni Rae. Each week, individuals engage in thought-provoking questions and exercises in a supportive team environment.

You will have the option to join a bootcamp focused on either your work and career, or your personal life.

This bootcamp caters to busy business owners and leaders who also value the significant role of parenthood. It’s ideal for those who believe in the direct correlation between personal growth and business success. If you’re seeking actionable guidance to enhance your leadership skills, unlock your authentic power, and live in alignment, this is your platform.

Throughout the 8-week journey, participants will not only grasp the tools from “The Guidebook to Live in Alignment” but actively apply and integrate them into their lives. This involves making choices powerfully, surrendering what no longer serves, owning one’s story and power, mastering the power of words, daring to dream, and much more.

This isn’t just a program; it’s an immersive, deeply engaging journey specifically designed to help individuals tap into their fullest potential. Within a safe, supportive, and intimate setting, participants not only learn these tools but also practice and implement them in their daily lives.

Sessions will involve group discussions, exercises, and activities led by Joni Rae. Participants can expect a blend of interactive engagement, introspection, and group support to facilitate personal growth and alignment.

To join this transformative journey towards authentic living and leadership, simply register through the provided link and secure your place in the upcoming cohort.

To keep the integrity of the safe space, video recordings will not be shared with participants. Joni will create a general overview video for you to watch so you can see what was missed.

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Begins the week of June 10th, 2024