The Guidebook To Live in Alignment

Be the happiest you’ve ever been

By Joni Rae

You could spend a lifetime trying to sift through and digest all the blog posts, podcasts, guides, and case studies that exist online about living a fulfilled life—or you could start taking action today. I compiled these 10 guideposts based on strategies and techniques I use to help clients move the needle and actually have lives and businesses they love.

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I’ve helped founders, owners, and CEOs be wildly successful in life and businesses using these strategies.

What you'll get

Actionable Tips

You’ll get access to an exclusive collection of 10 effective strategies and techniques I’ve used to help business owners across industries implement.

Reflection Questions

You’ll get helpful questions to help you reevaluate what’s most important to you, and reprioritize what you want your life and business to be about.

Examples of Use

You’ll get to read about examples of real people who have used these strategies, and see what results they produced in life and business.

How To Get Started

You’ll get helpful advice on what tools to use, how to use them, and a plan to set yourself up for success time and time again.

What People Are Saying

This guidebook is written in a conversational, easy-to-read manner. It illustrates how living authentically, aligning our actions, words, and thoughts, leads to increased mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It also underscores the significance of self-care, emphasizing the benefits of forgiving ourselves and others. I was immediately inspired to continue doing the work necessary to achieve greater self-confidence and to be my best self by incorporating many of Joni’s tools.


HR Executive

I had an opportunity to pause and reflect on what matters in life and notice where there are gaps. The guidebook offers clear ways to look honestly and compassionately at habits and behaviors that aren’t contributing to living the lives we truly want. Most importantly, it provides actionable tools to deal with it! Life moves really fast for me. These tools gave me structure to pause and reflect. I reviewed them after the work day to help transition into being really present with my family. This isn’t your ordinary light reading book to learn more. Be prepared to dig into the content and give yourself some time to really work through the tools. The goal isn’t to just make it to the end!


Chief Operating Officer

Joni has always been a great thinker and inspiration to everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing or working with her. Her tools and advice to navigate my life have changed my perspective about people, everyday challenges, and myself. Her eBook has great thinking strategies to guide you to your full potential, so you can reach your desires. If you’re ready for a change for the better, read this eBook to help guide you there. Joni’s work has changed my life and I hope it changes yours as well.


Medical Technician

I gained more valuable insights from this guidebook than I had anticipated, especially with the personal circumstances that I currently face. Many of Joni’s points touch the heart of the difficulty I am having as I navigate through a crossroads. At one point, I had found myself in an emotional crisis which I have just started to attempt to overcome. This book has allowed me to dissect and positively approach the issues with a broader mind and an open heart. It has given me confidence where uncertainty has posed as an obstacle for me to move forward. The timing was just perfect. Thanks Joni, for sharing this.


Interior Designer

About The Author

Joni Rae

Founder and owner of The Mindset Group, executive mindset coach with 20 years of experience serving as a trusted confidant to senior leaders around the globe.

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