When They say THIS Word

https://youtu.be/QuuzFY6Jhm0 Unlocking Trust Through the Magic of “Exactly” The Ease of Connection In the realm of business, where strategies and growth take center stage, there lies an unspoken truth – the profound impact of a single word, “exactly.” You understand that the journey towards success encompasses more than just numbers and operations. It’s about forging […]

Two Powerful Words

https://youtu.be/crDkhc5yVkc The two most powerful words are I AM Why I AM are the most powerful words: It’s a creation How to do use it: Only say what you want. For example, I say “I am healing” instead of “I am sick” Words are powerful, have energy, and are how we can start to create […]

Avoid Unnecessary Drama

https://youtu.be/i6z_xyE4wTY Transforming the Stories in Our Heads This topic could very well be the secret ingredient to unlocking your business’s potential – the incredible influence of the stories we craft in our minds. Our minds are skilled storytellers around every facet of our lives; we’re constantly shaping stories and attaching profound meanings to them. However, […]